East Kent Mercury 2012: Readers pitched together to help families

Whilst on a two week placement at the East Kent Mercury in Deal I put together this feature on how the local community pulled together as a result of the Titanic disaster. This was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the disasters and received good local feedback, allowing me to write a further follow up piece with new information.

You can view readable quality images of the feature below, as well as an image of follow up story:

Main body text.

Main body text.

Side bar of feature, detailing first class steward on the boat from Deal.

Side bar of feature, detailing first class steward on the boat from Deal.

Follow up story

Follow up story

Conscription: “Who will defend Singapore if we were given a choice?”

Wee Yang is 23. He dreams of travelling the world, has a passion for photography and loves to cycle. But all this will have to wait – he’s also been conscripted for national service.

Every young adult in Singapore must serve. Photo: The Real Singapore

Every young male in Singapore must serve. Photo: The Real Singapore

In Singapore every male over 18 must spend two years serving in the army, navy, airforce or police. Refusal could cost up to three years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Wee was selected to serve in the police force. He explained: “There was no choice. The government chooses where you are posted too. Some of my friends were posted to the navy, the airforce or even the army. Continue reading

The ever Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Rumour has it that Arthur Brown has set fire to more stages than any other artist. He’s also thought to be the inspiration behind Alice Cooper, Kiss, Peter Gabriel and Marilyn Manson. But at what age does the original god of hellfire plan to kick his petrol burning habits?  Jem Collins finds out.

The Zu Studios in Lewes epitomise everything I expected of an Arthur Brown gig. Every surface is covered with artistic tat, piled together like a haphazard game of Jenga. Lava lamps, a candelabra dripping with pastel waxes, a 1960s typewriter and a painting of the Mona Lisa turned medusa all sit together in a beautifully chaotic mess. Giant paper butterflies hang from the ceiling and faux tree trunks swirl through the corners set off by flashing fairy lights, flickering candles and a Sanyo projector pumping out psychedelic colours.

Arthur Brown, the self proclaimed 'God of Hellfire', sets himself on fire in Lewes

Arthur Brown, the self proclaimed ‘God of Hellfire’, sets himself on fire in Lewes

Even the people look as if they’ve wandered off a film set. One man strolls past me in a lab coat. He’s holding two conical flasks and has a blue Turkish eye painted on his forehead. Another lady has opted for a heavy black cape and an ornate Venetian mask with a long nose and deep red gemstones. When Arthur finally arrives, he’s undeniably the most normal thing in the room. Continue reading