Lifetime Achievement Award, The Student Publication Association, 2016
As outgoing Chair of the Student Publication Association I was the only member in the history of the organisation to be awarded a lifetime achievement award for my work in growing and developing the organisation. I was also awarded lifetime membership and made a trustee.

Student Journalist of the Year, Runner Up, NUS, 2014
Runner up for my reporting during the final year of my degree and the development of our on-campus news service. Helen Baxter, judge, commented: ““Jem has shown she can tackle controversial issues not just for students but for the wider population”.

Reporter of the Year, Runner Up, Student Publication Association, 2014
Runner up for my reporting during my final year of university. Nick Petrie, Deputy Head of News Development at The Times, said: “Jem’s reporting for the Medwire has spanned a wide range of topics and shown her to be an accomplished reporter with a clear understanding of issues that matter to students.”

Outstanding Commitment, Student Publication Association, 2014
Winner for my work on the on campus news service The Medwire. James Thornhill, of the National Student, said: “Few people are willing to put this amount of effort and show this kind of commitment to a volunteer position and Jem deserves to be commended for her work.”

Outstanding Commitment to Media, University of Kent, 2014
Winner for my work over the past three years in developing media at the Medway campus.

Campaign of the Year, Kent Union, 2014