My name is Jem Collins and I’m a professional video, online and social journalist working in the UK, with a proven record of  high-quality, original and engaging stories.

Currently I’m freelancing for a number of national outlets, including the i Paper’s digital team, as a video reporter and producer for London Live, and on the social team of Metro.co.uk.

Alongside this, I’m the social media manager for The Media Society, where I create and curate content across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others.

Previously I worked full-time developing video content for politics.co.uk, one of the UK’s leading political websites. I also spent time helping to launch online video content for KMTV, part of the KM Group, and was an online editor for Grip Media, where I wrote, edited and commissioned financial features and articles for a youth audience.

Outlets I’ve worked with:

  • The i Paper, Digital Journalist (Freelance)
  • Metro.co.uk, Social Producer (Freelance)
  • Politics.co.uk, Video Journalist and Producer (Full-Time)
  • London Live, Video Journalist and Producer (Freelance)
  • The Media Society, Social Media Manager (Part Time)
  • KMTV, Video Journalist (Full Time)
  • Grip Media, Online Editor SavetheStudent.org (Part Time)
  • Broadcast3D.TV (Freelance)

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