Sky News Day 18: Olympics conversion complete

I must confess, I’m an Olympics convert,  though I’m not quite sure if it was by choice.  I started off two weeks ago unable to muster the enthusiasm even to watch the opening ceremony,  probably muttering something along the lines of “pissing non-existent money down the drain whilst cutting actual benefits”. Then I spent a month with Sky. They seem to have spent their entire working and resting lives with another screen open, frantically checking just in case some more tickets drop and huddled around the BBC big screens every time something big was happening. Or in fact even when something big wasn’t happening. In the end I gave in and bought some Paralympic fencing tickets.

At least the boyfriend was happy with my weak willpower…

 Now I’ll happily sit there, glued to the screen and watching something I don’t really have the faintest clue about, crying as they belt out the national anthem and squealing at just how cute everyone involved is, (I blame you for this Murdoch). Yet if you thought the transformation stopped at just throwing aside all of my cherished left wing views, oh how wrong you’d be. Royal Mail, our beloved national post service, have pledged to paint a golden postbox for every single golden winner at London 2012 and what’s more they’ll even get a special stamp with their name, picture and event on. My task for the day at the online desk – find out everything you’d ever want to know about every single one of our golden athletes and a couple of groovy action shots and hey presto – we can make a golden postbox map of the UK!

The idea itself is actually pretty swish and seeing as we’ve accrued some 29 gold medals, you wouldn’t think it to be that lengthy of a task. Then you realise that a lot of these medals are won in team sports and you can fit a hell of a lot of people in one boat. Suddenly your number of profiled personalities jumps to 42 and you realise just how hard it is to find an action shot of just the one guy in the boat of four. Thus my day in online evaporated into a flurry of research and all of a sudden it was coming up to six o’clock. Now, not only do I have the pleasure of looking at the gallery map on the Sky News website and thinking, “I pretty much did that” I also know everything there is to know about our top performing athletes. If you’re going to be an Olympic geek, you’ve got to at least do it properly.

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Here is the gallery in screenshot form, just in case you’re interested.

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