Sky News Day 10: Jem Collins, Olympics Runner

Ever since I started at Sky people have been asking me what my best day has been so far, but I’ve held off answering in anticipation of today. When I’ve explained that I’m waiting on Sky’s Olympic coverage I think I’ve probably, and somewhat inadvertently, given a false impression of glamour and living the high life. That’s not to say that my day at Tower Bridge was not, quite frankly, amazing but it’s probably one of the longest and hardest slogs I’ve ever experienced. The day was always going to be an interesting one, particularly given our rather alternative choice  in venue, but I don’t think even I predicted how I’d be practically passing out on the way to Cambridge on Friday evening.

If only I’d have had my camera. . .

 Luckily, and somewhat exhaustingly for me, it seemed Sky News were short of a runner for the day, which unlike the title’s glamorous Olympian counterpart, basically consists of becoming a general dogsbody for everyone who happens to show up. It’s one thing running “as much water as you can carry” down to Kay Burley and her team on a normal day, but trust me, running it down to the middle of a tower bridge so crowded you start to question if you actually had had claustrophobia all along from the eighth floor of a hotel on a stiflingly muggy London day is an entirely different kettle of fish.  I’ve lost count of the hours spent queuing in Starbucks getting vanilla lattes and bottles of coke and juggling them through posh hotel lobbies and the number of guest’s I’ve shown to the green room and poured tea for.

Whilst I never really had a “star-struck” phase, I’m now starting to find it almost the norm to see Jeremy Hunt and Ken Livingstone just causally rocking up and I’ve even started to develop a “Sky voice”. I’ve always been hugely influenced by accents, which I discovered the hard way after coming out of a summer school with a strange mix of welsh and Mancunian and now it seems I’m sounded more and more like an Oxford posh boy every day. All the same, I’m pleasantly surprised to find that I am actually enjoying myself, somewhat comforting to know in a world where you’re guaranteed to start at the bottom of the pile.

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