Sky News Days 6 & 7: Elton John has the worst PR company ever

He may be in an international superstar, but it appears even Elton John’s PR company can’t get everything right. Hence the reason I find myself running around a scorching London like a looney less than an hour before Sir Elton is due on air trying  to source a copy of his new book, Love is the Cure. For once I feel like I’m doing the proper work experience gig today, though it strangely reminds of Andrea Sachs from Devil Wears Prada, just without all of the bitchiness and backstabbing and the fact the work actually is necessary.

And here is the offending article itself, you might as well treat yourself to a copy seeing as it’s £5 off in Waterstones right now.

I’ve spent the last two days at Millbank, Sky’s offices in Westminister, and it seems to be a completely world down there. Everything is much smaller for a start, a point which is really brought home to me as I sit in on a Bolton and Co meeting with just Eamon and two others. The tour also takes a much shorter amount of time as I’m quickly shown the studios and editing suites, though the place still does an impressive job at looking like a maze even without the massive space at Osterley. An advantage most definitely not to be skirted over is the fact that they have free tea and coffee machines here. If I hadn’t made friends with the guard back at HQ I’d have to pay a whole 52p every time I wanted a caffeine filled beverage.

I also managed to blag a nice free tour of parliament, getting to go to all the place you’re not normally allowed to go to and continuing on this caffeine theme, even got a drink from the MPs cafe; on Sky News of course. As well as sitting in on as many meetings as humanly possible, I partook in a fair amount of phone bashing and played a fun game with myself called “get the back of my head on TV”. For anyone who’s mildly interested, I’ve got one more day here then I’m hitting it up with the five o clock show before getting on that Olympics bandwagon. Over and out players.

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