Sky News Day 4: A double gin on you Murdoch? Well if you insist I’ll take three…

Before I start this, it’s worth warning you that writing this blog without coming off like an excitable Justin Bieber fan is about as likely as telling a child that Father Christmas is outside and expect them to stay indoors. After a less than productive start at the planning desk yesterday, I was determined to make a good impression today and it seems like simply being nice to people and engaged in the discussion can get you a long way, even if it’s just the security guard slipping you a few hot chocolate vouchers. As well as the regular humdrum of meetings and news consumption that takes place in the planning office, I was tasked to help the team find someone who’d been affected by the draconian Olympics branding rules. First up they thought of looking for someone from a chippy, an area which just happens to be my area of expertise and something I would never have come in handy at Sky News. A quick call to the trade magazine Fry and the editor was more than happy to give me a list of names and numbers, whilst we didn’t run with the idea in the end, I felt like a useful part of the team.

I wonder if the brand police will have me for this…

Later, as they were trying to work out to contact a torch runner in Kent, I helpfully pointed out that I knew Alan McGuiness, the first Sky scholar, so was able to find them the details they needed. I also suggested the use of a knitting granny; the only reason this one  didn’t make the grade was that one was after tracking her down we found out she’d already been used in someone else’s package.  None of the team found anyone in the end; although I’d rather someone had been found, it’s make you realise that even professional journalists can’t make the impossible arise and that you can’t be totally useless after all. They even used the holy grail of words “you’re doing really well” and pressed me to come to their drinks later.

I’m still very much split over the most exciting part of today after being approached to work both on the iPad app for the American elections doing actual real work AND being told that Sky are happy to get me accredited to help on their opening ceremony coverage next week. Both are absolutely amazing opportunities to work on and I’m really excited to be a part of such massive world news. I don’t think it’s really properly sunk in yet. I would write more but a bar tab with Murdoch’s name on it is calling me and who am I to resist free gin?

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