Even £3,000 too much for students

Degrees aren’t worth £3,000 a year, let alone £9,000, according to students at the Universities at Medway campus. 

Following the recent government move to lift the cap on tuition fees to an all-time high of £9,000 a year, it appears many students would boycott university altogether, rather than face the increased debt.

Sam Darreh, 30, from Gravesend, studies Adult Nursing at the university and is concerned that “£3,000 a year is a bit extortionate as it is” and it appears she’s not the only one with such worries.

Jack Smith, 19, a computing student living in Gillingham says “£3,000 isn’t even value for money. It was now or never for me, with next year’s fees I simply wouldn’t have come”.

Yet with the fees increase comes a promise of more support for students, including the University of Kent’s new academic scholarship of £2,000 a year. Whether such measures will help quell fears of debts remains to be seen.

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