My name is Jem Collins, and I’m the founder of Journo Resources, as well as an experienced digital journalist and editor for outlets across the UK.

Journo Resources is committed to diversifying the media industry, by providing unique tools, resources, and events which help people to break in.

My journalism focuses on human rights and has been in the i Paper, Metro.co.uk, PinkNews, The Independent and more.

Being a good reporter requires mastering a wide variety of skills beyond producing clean concise copy. Jem has demonstrated a keen eye for a story, submitting FOI requests to source information as well as being able to handle sensitive issues

Nick Petrie, Deputy Head of News Development, The Times

Jem excelled in probative yet informal presentation and immediate rapport with subjects who ranged from a broadcast frontline news reporter through creative feature animators, to specialist subject authors. She brought an adaptable and fresh energy approach that was much appreciated

Tony Koorlander, Director, Broadcast3D.TV